2022 Awardees | SKOCH Challenger Award - Honest Independent Civilian Honour

2022 SKOCH Challenger Awardees

Justice M N Venkatachaliah, Former Chief Justice of India
Lifetime Achievement

Justice M N Venkatachaliah

Former Chief Justice of India

New Delhi, 14th May 2022: Justice M N Venkatachaliah is adjudged the most erudite and urbane judge, who has adorned the Supreme Court of India. A judge with a deep knowledge of the philosophy of law and the ways of men, he provided moral and intellectual leadership. While being not wedded to any ‘ism’, he is devoted to constitutionalism and pragmatism, which makes for judicial statesmanship which has truly been his hallmark. During his term of seven years at the Supreme Court, he authored 90 judgments and was a part of 482 benches. His commitment to reducing the pendency of cases and making the judiciary more and more accountable was unwavering. During his tenure, the pendency fell to below 19,000. He served as the Chief Justice of India between 1993-1994.

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