Anjan Ghosh | SKOCH Challenger Award - Honest Independent Civilian Honour

Anjan Ghosh: Social Impact

Anjan Ghosh
Anjan Ghosh, Director-Public Affairs, Intel receiving the Skoch Challenger Award for Social Impact from Dr S Narayan, Economic Advisor to Prime Minister of India

Anjan Ghosh: Social Impact

Director-Public Affairs, Intel

If you looked for it on the map of Delhi, you’d probably never find it. Yet, talk to any of Intel’s staffers in New Delhi, and the Bhoomiheen Camp in Govindpuri is top of the mind recall for them. Bhoomiheen Camp, you see, is an area where Intel runs a program along with NGO Katha, to teach children familiarity with computers and computer programming. Already 5000 children have benefited from the program. While young Mohammed flits in and quickly animates a drawing he’s just made, others like Narayan are involved in a more socially relevant program. With an Intel computer and a microscope, they examine the quality of water available; take the details to a nearby dispensary to find out what impact this has on the body. A picture of the water, and the disease, is shown to households nearby. The same water is then boiled, or treated with chlorine tablets, and the exercise repeated. The lesson: hygiene matters.

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