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Dipak Misra: Exemplary Service to Law & Liberty

Dipak Misra

Justice Dipak Misra: Exemplary Service to Law & Liberty

Former Chief Justice of India

Chief Justice Dipak Misra, the 45th Chief Justice of India, has had a long and illustrious career serving the nation in various judicial capacities including that of the Chief Justice of the Patna High Court (2009) and Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court (2010).

Having served at the Bar as a practicing advocate for 19 years, since 1977, practicing Constitutional, Civil, Criminal, Revenue, Service and Sales Tax matters at the Orissa High Court and the Service Tribunal. He was called to the Bench and appointed as an Additional Judge of the Orissa High Court in 1996 and was subsequently transferred to the Madhya Pradesh High Court in 1997. Chief Justice Misra received a permanent judgeship in 1997. He was sworn in as the Chief Justice of India (CJI) in August 2017.

Chief Justice Misra’s gavel thundered the Supreme Court as he gave several notable judgments for individual freedoms and personal liberties in India. From holding that the right to reputation is a constituent of Article 21 and therefore a fundamental right; Declaring Sabarimala open to women of all ages; declaring Section 377 and Section 497 of the IPC to be unconstitutional and Bringing greater transparency and accountability to the Supreme Court through live streaming. He also ensured justice was delivered by upholding the executions of the Nirbhaya perpetrators and Yakub Menon.

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