Anup Mukerji | SKOCH Challenger Award - Honest Independent Civilian Honour

Anup Mukerji: NRLM – Jeevika

Anup Mukerji
Given away by the hands of Dr C Rangarajan, Hon’ble Chairman, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister on this 25th Day of March 2011 at New Delhi

Anup Mukerji: NRLM – Jeevika

Chief Secretary, Government of Bihar

Bihar’s rural livelihood project also known as Jeevika has helped create self-managed community institutions of participating households, enhance income through sustainable livelihood and increased access to social protection including food security. Started in 2007 with support from the Government of Bihar and the World Bank for poverty alleviation, the focus is on a demand driven approach for community participation and ownership. It is today considered a model programme both in terms of implementation and outcomes. Team Skoch recently visited Nalanda to study and document the project.

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