Ashima Goyal | SKOCH Challenger Award - Honest Independent Civilian Honour

Ashima Goyal: Economic Policy

Ashima Goyal

Ashima Goyal: Economic Policy

IGIDR & Part-Time Member, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister

Academics is about puzzle solving, but solutions affect the well-being of people; this makes it important. This is the hallmark of Ashima Goyal, for whom Economics is directly related with the standard of living and the behaviour of individuals and social groups. She is one Economist, who applies rigour and logic to facts helping information to emerge from the noise and embed theory in institutions and context. This has given her a vision with a balanced approach to the real world. Given her expertise in macroeconomics, international finance and governance, she has turned out to be an apt choice for the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister. Her advocacy for improving public services for economic inclusion and the need for well-defined metrics to measure outcomes of government policies including administrative reforms comes out clearly in her writings. She has pushed for better coordination in government and improving the supply-side to counter inflationary pressures.

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