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Bhupinder Singh Hooda: Public Private Partnership

Bhupinder Singh Hooda
Given away by the hands of Dr C Rangarajan, Hon’ble Chairman, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister on this 25th Day of March 2011 at New Delhi

Bhupinder Singh Hooda: Public Private Partnership

Chief Minister, Government of Haryana

Many satellite cities have come up across the country but very few have grown in stature the way Gurgaon has. It is a true reflection of the spirit of public-private-partnership. The government laid the ground rules and had the courage and wisdom to let market forces do the rest. Gurgaon has the 3rd highest per capita income in India after Chandigarh and Mumbai. While every growing city has its infrastructural problems and Gurgaon is no exception, it is to the credit of the Bhupinder Singh Hooda government that Gurgaon is gaining ground as a hi-tech city at a fast pace. Gurgaon has now emerged the best city in India to work and live in. Team Skoch has been part of the millennium city development story starting with the Biodiversity Park, Project Hope, Sanitation, Solid Waste and Traffic Management for several years.

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