Bakul Dholakia: Academic Excellence


IM-Ahmedabad is not just a business school but an institute of management. It has assumed upon itself a role, that is much wider and ambitious, than other business schools in the country. While majority of its graduates are absorbed in the corporate sector, it also prepares them for a career in management in non-conventional sectors like agriculture, health, e-governance and even rural development.  It has been working for rural Intellectual Property Protection and has helped create patents and databases. It has identified rural entrepreneurs and encouraged them to convert their innovations into marketable products. Efforts like dew harvesting have brought relief to draught prone areas in Kutch region. IIM-Ahmedabad has inculcated a new engine through capacity building. About 160 CIOs from Andhra Pradesh have already been trained by the institution for service delivery using IT, taking the services closer to the citizens.

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