N Vijayaditya | SKOCH Challenger Award - Honest Independent Civilian Honour

N Vijayaditya: Rural Delivery Systems

N Vijayaditya
Mr N Vijayaditya, Director General, NIC receiving the Skoch Challenger Award for Rural Delivery Systems from Mr Mani Shankar Aiyer, Honorable Minister of Panchayati Raj

N Vijayaditya: Rural Delivery Systems

Director General, NIC

With around 3,000 people in the National Informatics Centre, Director General Dr N Vijayaditya has ensured India is the only country in the world that can declare election results in a country as large as India within a few hours of voting. An ordinary citizen is now in a position to get his property registered within an hour and even collect the certificate, very often the same day. Spread from remote Namchi and Temi in mountainous terrains of Sikkim in the East to the treacherous hilltops of Uttaranchal in the North, NIC has been delivering uninterrupted services like online examination results, commodity prices, employment notices.

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