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SKOCH Group is India’s leading think-tank dealing with socio-economic issues with a focus on inclusive growth since 1997. SKOCH was founded by Mr Sameer Kochhar, an internationally acclaimed sociologist-economist who has been a passionate advocate of participatory democracy, empowerment and bringing improvements in delivery systems. With a holistic vision of an inclusive India, SKOCH Group has been working towards inclusive growth of India led by digital, social and financial inclusion.

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Skoch Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd

Founded in 1997, SKOCH Consultancy Services Private Limited is a boutique strategy and management consulting firm. The consulting wing enables Fortune 500 companies as well as leading transnational and Indian organisations to create, identify, assess and address opportunities better. The lines of practice include sectors as diverse as the government and public; banking financial services and insurance; security and disaster management, power, education, information & communications technology, infrastructure and smart cities.

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Skoch Media Pvt Ltd

SKOCH Media is one of our platforms to build robust discourses on development and inclusion issues in the public domain. It publishes books, journals, magazines and digital as well as multimedia content. Over the years, it has carved a niche for itself with an independent editorial stand, innovative presentation and relentless focus on socio-economic issues. SKOCH Media publishes INCLUSION, India’s first and only journal that champions the cause of social, financial and digital inclusion. The magazine caters to decision-makers, academia, civil society and industry captains across banking, financial services and insurance.

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Skoch Development Foundation

SKOCH Development Foundation is an autonomous, policy-oriented, not-for-profit policy think-tank. The foundation ensures transparency, accountability and adherence to corporate governance norms. Its main focus is on empowering the marginalized and making inclusive development a reality by undertaking various research and grassroots intervention projects. The foundation lays emphasis on social, digital and financial inclusion; strengthening of delivery systems and ensuring a transparent, participatory democracy for bringing about positive change. It does not undertake any commercial activity and is recognized by the Government of India as a charitable organization.

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About Us

SKOCH Group is India’s leading full services consulting firm since 1997. It includes a strategy consultancy practice, a non-profit foundation, a media wing and an industry association with a proven track record spanning over twenty years, cutting across clients and verticals. Its research reports and recommendations are referred to and quoted by global leaders, Indian prime ministers, ministers,  parliament, policymakers, regulators and industry alike. 

SKOCH has an unmatched track record of delivering business and policy success that keeps its clients up-to-speed and satisfied and results in a high degree of trust and retention. Its clients include government, public sector, Fortune 500 companies as well as top Indian corporations. They span across verticals like IT, security, infrastructure, BFSI, governance and cities.

Services include strategy consulting, policy advocacy, alliances, research, conventions, CSR, issues management, assessments and awards. It specialises in government relations, grassroots programs, image and perception management and building knowledge-based arguments.

SKOCH Group is considered the benchmark of ethical business practices and is fully compliant with regulations like FCPA, privacy and labour etc. As a policy, it encourages diversity.

The group companies include a consulting wing, SKOCH Consultancy Services Private Limited; a media wing, SKOCH Media; and a charitable foundation, SKOCH Development Foundation.

Sameer Kochhar, Chairman of Skoch Group, is a passionate advocate of social, financial, and digital inclusion. In 1997, after spending 15 years in the corporate world, he decided to follow his inner calling and become a development thinker. Ever since, he single-mindedly applied himself to the rigors of self-education, academic research, and field tours. The Skoch Group – which has a think tank, media, and consultancy arms – was established as part of this endeavor. His expert opinion is sought by the government. In Kochhar’s thinking, writings, and activities, his profound admiration for India’s economic reforms – and in extension, those outstanding personalities who strive to make these reforms more meaningful and broad-based – comes out clear and unambiguous.

In addition to authoring highly acclaimed Speeding Financial Inclusion (2009), he has edited Infrastructure and Governance (2008); Financial Inclusion (2009); Urban Renewal: Policy and Response (2009); India on the Growth Turnpike: Essays in Honour of Vijay L. Kelkar (2010); Building from the Bottom: Infrastructure and Poverty Alleviation (2010); Growth and Finance: Essays in Honour of C. Rangarajan (2011); Policymaking for Indian Planning: Essays in Honour of Montek Singh Ahluwalia (2012); and, An Agenda for India’s Growth: Essays in Honour of P. Chidambaram (2013). Read More..

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