HMIS – TCS: e-Health

Implementation in Gujarat

After successfully piloting the Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) project in Gandhinagar Civil Hospital, the Gujarat government has scaled up the initiative to cover all district-level hospitals in the state. This makes for greater accountability and transparency and also facilitates prompt and vital policy decisions. HMIS has been developed by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on the Microsoft .NET technology platform. For the patient, it means: a) less time spent per visit; b) standard charges for services; c) relief from carrying bulky medical fi les to the hospital and the pain of preserving/ maintaining these records; and d) online information about availability of doctors. For doctors, the system means at the first level easier access to the medical history of patients, which has a direct bearing on the efficiency of treatment. For the hospital management, this means better inventory control, the facility to monitor predefined health indicators and decision support based on exception reporting using alerts and triggers.

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